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February 7th, 2012

BatteryXL – Battery Saver 1.3.0

1 year, 264 days ago, Android Apps, by apkfan.

Current Version: 1.3.0
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Productivity
V1.3.0 update:
NEW: Smart WiFi (battery saving and very convenient)
FIXED: Some display problems on Samsung Ace (sorry it took so long).
FIXED: Notification display bug
OPTIMIZED: Language and instructions in the settings menus for clarity.

Smart savings, smarter phone!

BatteryXL is top choice among battery saving apps for Android.

★ Featured on Appbrain.com’s Hot Apps list

We are in Open Beta Phase. Please report bugs via email and not by way of the market review interface since we cannot keep track of any bugs reported through the Android Market.

App Introduction __________________________________________

Having a smart phone is a great asset in today’s wired world but all those awesome devices (e.g. WiFi, 4G, GPS, and Bluetooth) seem to shrivel even the most high tech batteries in a matter of hours :(

BatteryXL saves by minimizing the drain on your phone’s battery during periods of inactivity while maximizing functionality as soon as you want to connect with the world. Try it today for free!

Introducing BatteryXL!

Toss that extra battery! Leave your charger at home! Intuitive interfaces plus smart savings equal a smarter phone with longer battery life.

As soon as you install BatteryXL the savings begin. The app works automatically by regulating the heavy battery-draining devices mentioned above. Complete the optional three question optimization process to further customize savings according to your smartphone habits. Doubling your battery life might just be as easy as 1,2,3!

BatteryXL allows the user to manage WiFi, Mobile Data, GPS, Bluetooth, and Autosync automatically or manually on-the-fly with minimal impact on daily use.

This is the super savings application that Android users have always dreamed of. Powerful yet simple to use, this app is jam packed with functionality and beautiful interfaces.

Smart savings, smarter phone!

- Free to download!
- WiFi, Mobile Data, GPS, Bluetooth, Autosync automatic and manual controls
- Time-scheduled automation for Autosync and connection devices.
- Four additional modes to automate connectivity: Night, Peak, Charging, and Low Battery
- Whitelist for regulating internet connectivity on app-by-app basis
- Interactive Quickview of settings interface
- Estimated remaining Idle, Calling, WiFi, Data, Music, Video, and Gaming times
- Notification Bar icon with remaining battery percentage
- Volume, Brightness, Screen Timeout controls
- Backup and Restore settings functionality
- Full Log of all BatteryXL activity

For more information please follow us:
twitter: @batteryxl
email: batteryxl@gmail.com

A word to users who experience problems using BatteryXL:
If you discover any bugs please send us an email (batteryxl@gmail.com). The only way we can contact you to help fix the problem is by email. Leaving a 1 star review does nothing to help you or BatteryXL. Thanks for your patience, we will continue to improve this app if you help us along the way! Just contact us.

Known Issues:
-GPS has been known to remain connected on some devices and Android versions when BatteryXL settings should otherwise disconnect it. This is not a bug with BatteryXL but is related to the fact that certain Android versions do not allow third-party control over GPS :( So far in ICS 4.0 and above BatteryXL cannot control GPS at all
**We will be removing all GPS control in the future due to instability from phone to phone. The GPS toggle will remain and will also be included on the up and coming BatteryXL Widget.

-When using BatteryXL, first disable any other battery or automation related apps to ensure intended functionality.

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BatteryXL - Battery Saver Beta 2BatteryXL - Battery Saver Beta 3

Download via Google Play:
download button BatteryXL – Battery Saver 1.3.0 on Google Play
Download :
download button Download BatteryXL – Battery Saver 1.3.0

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