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April 3rd, 2012

ConvertPad Plus 2.1.0

1 year, 208 days ago, Android Apps, by apkfan.

Current Version: 2.1.0
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Tools
V2.1.0 update:
v. 2.1.0
Enable Formula(functional-form) input for user-defined units.
Option for various Color themes
Text size optimizing for various devices.
Memorizing featue for calculation result
Steam tables(Thermodynamics)
Turkish language added
Minor bugs fixed.
v. 2.2.0 (Planned next version)
Combined units (i.e. 27inches -> 2′ 3″)
Additional Digit format(i.e. 1 234 567.89)
Number Base(Decimal,Binary..), etc
* Please leave your comments on market to encourage the developer.

unit converter currency convertpad plus engieering steam tables realcalc

ConvertPad Scientific Calculator
ConvertPad is the Ad-free version of Android’s #1 Unit Converter,
ConvertPad and ConvertPad Plus are most powerful and fully featured Unit converter, Currency converter and Calculator.
ConvertPad is a simple but the most powerful unit converter. (8,500,000+ downloads for Ad version)
It’s intuitive and easy to use. Features fast, real time currency and unit conversion in a clean interface. ConvertPad Plus has everything you loved on the original Ad version.


* Universal Unit converter and Calculator
. Direct Arithmetic Calculation
. Real-time conversion and calculation
* Currency conversions
. Option for selecting favorite exchange rate
. Support 160+ Currencies
* Multiple languages support
. Supports 24 languages.
. Supports 2 preferences as primary & secondary language.
* Customizing feature for Favorite Units
. Favorite Categories and Units
. Various Sorting option
* User-defined Categories and Units
. Feature for adding User-defined units in built-in categories
. Feature for making User’s own categories and units
. Formula(functional form) for user-defined units. (New)
* Various Setting option
. Various Color Themes
. Backup/Restore User-defined Units on SD Card
* Steam tables
. Thermodynamic Steam tables(IFC-67)

** For the Currency category, if the currencies you selected as preference do not visible, you need to change the currency sources on menu. (It’s not an error, meaning the invisible currency is not supported by current source).

** Permission for “Internet access” and “R/W access on external storage” are for Update Currency and Backup user-defined units on SD Card respectively.

** Please try out read the 40,000+ reviews for original ConvertPad Ad. version which has 8,500,000+ downloads. If you have the experience of original, you will not be disappointed with ConvertPad Plus!

** Please leave your comments for ConvertPad on market. it will ENCOURAGE the developer to continue his effort.

Unit Converter - ConvertPad 1Unit Converter - ConvertPad 2Unit Converter - ConvertPad 3

Download via Google Play:
download button ConvertPad Plus 2.1.0 on Google Play
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download button ConvertPad Plus 2.1.0

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