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February 11th, 2012

DXHome 3.0.4

1 year, 261 days ago, Android Apps, by apkfan.

Current Version: 3.0.4
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Personalization
V3.0.4 update:
1. new: widget for for phone ring, turn off/on ring by one press!
2. new: 3D effect, long press the middle button of the dockbar and try it.
3. new: change sliding effects randomly,surprises you every time!
4. new: theme for lovers’ day!

DXHome, a highly customized launcher replacement app., is a perfect launcher for Android phones. It is created by the Dianxinos Enterpriser team in Innovation Works invested by Dr. Kaifu Lee. Highly customizable with various themes, colorful desktop transitions, easy operating……, just like its name in Chinese, Dianxin is making the home of your Android phone colorful and enjoyable!
What could you get from DXHome?
1)So many themes to enjoy!
Want your phone to change with your mood?! Try themes we designed for you!

DXHome presents its first six themes of totally different styles!
NO.1 Dianxin Default Desktop Theme— it is peaceful, clear, warm……, all the nice feelings DXHome wants you to feel. Name it by yourself. It’s our gift~^-^~

NO.2 Midsummer Theme— get fidgety from the hate outside? Pick some cool and fresh air here!

NO.3 Cake Theme— are you a foody? How about some candy and cakes now~^-^~ Try it and tell us how it’s like? DXHome is “cooking” more and more for you if you like~

NO.4 Batman— a big Batman fan? Here he comes! COOL!

NO.5 Clothing— want your phone to be cute? DXHome makes suit for your icon! Try it on!

NO.6 Tree & Shadow— at the end, come and sit down beside the tree, just enjoy the peaceful nightfall now.

Not enough? Download the one you want from Internet! This the privilege Dianxin provides specially for you! With DXHome, you could always make your phone to be YOUR STYLE! Yeah, phone might be changed overtime, but your style could last forever with DXHome!

2)What is it like when you swipe your desktop screens??
Here DXHome provides you extremely smooth experience and its first series of desktop transitions! Just swipe! You will be surprised!

3)App. Drawer—Long press any icon in App Drawer, add to Home screen or delete it. Yeah, Soooo easy!

4)Screens Editor— add, delete or remove any icon, create or edit any shortcuts to apps? It’s YOUR choice now!
By the way, don’t forget to add the weather widget designed by sweet Dianxin, both beautiful and useful!! That’s true!

5) Folder—can’t be any easier to create a new folder, just put two icons together. DXHome will create a folder automatically as you want!

There are SOOO many more than what we show you here, explore it! More surprises are waiting for you!

Keep an eye on us cause more and more are coming! DXHome will keep you being surprised!

There are SOOO many more than what we show you here, explore it! More surprises are waiting for you!

Keep an eye on us cause more and more are coming! DXHome will keep you being surprised!

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