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February 28th, 2011

E-cell xls Light v1.39

2 years, 243 days ago, Android Apps, by admin.

Version: 1.39
Open/Edit files from Microsoft Excel 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 MS Office workbooks (*.xls and *.xlsx). Click on any cell to enter EDIT mode…
- This app requires an SD card
- Does NOT handle Graphs or Charts
- Use internet connection for xlsx to xls convertion (through Google Docs application)
For this free version worksheets selection and new workbook creation are not allowed. However you can open/edit/save existing workbooks. Click on any cell to enter EDIT mode…
List of available features:
- Edit mode for existing workbooks
- Excel Functions selector. Workbook functions are grouped into well known categories and there are a lot of examples.
- Text format: bold, italic, text align
- Colors: text and cell colors
- Formula support: help files for formula syntax grouped by categories
- Smart copy/paste (adapt formulas involved)
- Ability to send updated workbook to an email recipient
- Range selection button is now activated for free version
- Ability to copy/paste content in two ways (simple mode and smart row mode which preserve formula references and cell styles)
- Rows and columns can be added at the end of sheet or simply inserted between existing rows/columns
- A default folder for workbooks (*.xls) files can be configured through the menu of the file selector
- Undo mode to revert to previous saved workbook

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Download E-cell xls Light v1.39
Download E-cell xls Light v1.39 html

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