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September 7th, 2011

Elemental Knights Online 1.0.1

2 years, 53 days ago, Android Games, by admin.
Elemental Knights Online

Current Version:1.0.1

Requires Android:2.2 and up


V1.0.1 update:

# Open beta

Please do not include the language in your rating! Please rate the game on everything else but the language (e.g. sounds, graphics, gameplay, music, etc.). A low rating will make it difficult to implement the ENGLISH VERSION later! The Japanese version is only temporary! Thank you.

※Players can explore part of the game for FREE during the BETA TEST period.

Now a REAL-TIME FULL 3DRPG that you can play with anyone in the world!
Join your friends on a grand adventure through mysterious lands!

Gain experience on your adventure to open up new job-classes! Try all the classes and gain lots of skills! Maybe you’ll create your own original class!

Limitless cosplay equipment for each class (total of a TRILLION items spread over 2000 types). Uniquely customize your character and vanquish the monsters that dare cross your path!

●Character creation and cosplay items give you the power to customize and develop your avatar:
・Four basic classes at game start: FIGHTER, THIEF, CLERIC, and WIZARD.
・Customize your sex and appearance. Use experience gained across various classes to eventually create your own original class!
・Can create up to four characters.

●Communicate with players across the globe:
・Free chat, fixed chat, emoticons, and gestures provide a plethora of options to communicate in a fun and meaningful way!
・Create a party of four and band together to battle colossal enemies!

It’s easy to play, but during the more difficult adventures, you’ll have to team up with other players! Let’s seek out friendship and build trusting relationships!

●An adventurous romp through the world:
・Journey through grassy plains, forests, deserts, castle walls, temples, and more.
・Talk to hundreds of in-game characters and clear over 100 quests!
・Complete story quests to solve the mystery of the Elemental Dragons!

Elemental Knights Online 1Elemental Knights Online 2Elemental Knights Online 3

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Download Elemental Knights 1.0.1
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