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January 9th, 2012

Enhanced Email 1.32.1

1 year, 295 days ago, Android Apps, by apkfan.

Current Version: 1.32.1
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Business
V1.32.1 update:
* See forum for full change log **
Increase/Decrease message compose font size
Fixed widget counter
Fixed new msg notification issues
EE no longer inadvertently starts other apps
Fixed issue where reply/forward icons were not showing up in Outlook consistently when replying from EE
Added sending message notification for POP3/IMAP
Fixed issue where scrolling long emails would appear clunky or wouldn’t “fling” properly
Fixed issue with send message notification showing failure

Enhanced Email is a fully featured but lightweight E-mail client that can easily aggregate all of your e-mail accounts into a single location. Whether you are a regular e-mail user just needing to keep in touch with friends/family or a power business user needing to synchronize calendar/contacts/email with your Exchange server, Enhanced Email is the only application you will need.

Enhanced Email features Microsoft’s innovative Activesync technology and is licensed to use it from Microsoft using the same license such as power houses Apple Inc and HTC. Check Microsoft’s licensee site for more details. Be careful of companies offering mobile apps on Android who are not legally licensed to use this technology.

The focus with Enhanced Email is to offer a mobile application that continues to evolve as the needs of its users evolves. That is why we offer such a large community of support and interaction to keep a close ear to what the users want. Proudly based in the US, support is offered during regular business hours through an online forum which the developer scours daily to respond to his users. International users should expect a response typically within 24 hours. The community of support has grown even further and Enhanced Email now features a Google+ page (https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/108146741302698907415/) where the developer responds and interacts with users daily. Try matching THAT competitors :)

If there is a feature you are looking for please do not hesitate to ask us to add it. If you have a question please reach out to us via the support forum or the Enhanced Email Google+ page. Above all, when you become an EE user you become part of a community of people who have grown to love Enhanced Email. Not a single person has told us they’ve ever been able to say that about an app until we came along. It’s not just about the app, it’s about the support that comes with the app and the interaction the developer has with each and every user. A unique experience we hope other developers will match!

** Attention **
* Please see my support forum to obtain a trial copy!

Support for:
* Exchange 2003/2007/2010 SP1 (Activesync only, not Exchange WebServices)
* Zimbra Collaboration Server
* Novell Groupwise Server (Activesync must be running)
* IceWarp Server
* Just about every POP/IMAP server you can think of

Supported on:
* Android 2.2 – 4.0
* Android 4.0 note: no calendar sync yet. just email right now

Other Android apps we have support for:
* Executive Assistant (Be sure and check this app out)

Some features include:
* Full E-Mail search including message text!
* Custom font when sending messages
* Sort your mail by: Date received, Sender, Subject, Unread messages, messages containing attachments, or by starred/flagged messages
* Pinch to zoom when viewing a message
* Disable syncing of deletes from phone to server (Exchange)
* Growing support for many 3rd party apps that offers an amazing integration with apps/widgets you already love to use!
* Combined Inbox view aggregates mail for all mailboxes into a single location!
* Auto-BCC
* Full HTML inbound/outbound
* PUSH for Mail/Contacts/Calendar –> Exchange only <–
* Ability to sync “ALL” E-mail option (Exchange)
* Customizable account colors for each account
* Ability to select/copy text!
* “Empty Trash” option makes emptying your trash folder 100 times easier/faster

If you love the app PLEASE take the time to rate it accordingly and drop me a comment. Thanks everyone!

Visit the forum at http://quantumsolutions.us/

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Enhanced Email 1Enhanced Email 2Enhanced Email 3

Download via Google Play:
download button Enhanced Email 1.32.1 on Google Play
Download via Email:
download button Enhanced Email 1.32.1

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