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December 12th, 2011

Finger Print Security Scanner 1.7

1 year, 321 days ago, Android Apps, by apkfan.

Current Version:1.7

Requires Android:2.1 and up

V1.7 update:

Now buy Ad-free Version at : https://market.android.com/details?id=com.inoxapps.finger_security_original_pro


Finger Print Security Scanner – The ultimate security app for your android!

We wish a very Happy Thanksgiving Day and Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy the festive season :)

Finally an app which adds an extra security layer to your phone while acting as a funny prank app for all your friends!

Finger Print Security Scanner – The ultimate biometric phone security scanner lock for your android phone!

Now you can fool others by making them think your device is an advanced security analyzing tool from the future which can scan & verify fingerprints. Just dont tell your friends how to use this app and you’ll have loads of fun, guaranteed!

Also, NOTE that pressing the home button will unlock the phone, this has been done intentionally to ensure that even if you have forgotten the Key to unlocking the phone you do not land up in trouble.

With top of the line graphics and cool animations you will be able to fool anyone, be it friends, children or your parents!

Check out the Screenshots of finger scanner lite to get an idea!

How it Works:
You can control the outcome of a scan very easily. When the FingerPrint screen pops up, touch your finger to the screen to be “scanned” for your identity(as your thumbprint), there will be vibration and beep sounds during the scan. You can pre-set the number of beeps(or vibrations) which will be heard before the phone gets unlocked.

If a user keeps his finger on the scanning interface for more or lesser number of beeps then the phone is not unlocked and a message saying “Access Denied” is displayed. Which will make the other person feel that his finger print has not been recognized.

The number of beeps after which the phone will be unlocked can be easily modified by the user in the settings menu.

Finger Scanner Security seems like it’s reading your finger print using biometrics and locking up your phone, but you are controlling whether or not your phone will lock up using secret buttons located at the top of the screen; top right locks, top left unlocks.

Make your friends think that the phone can really scan a fingerprint! Unlock your android with your fingerprint!

Please note that Finger print Security Scanner is for entertainment purposes and does not actually scan your fingerprint. This is a prank application to have fun with your friends.

Have loads of fun with finger scanner lock free and enjoy finger security free by fooling people in thinking this to be a real phone security biometric scanner.

Read our testimonials :

“it looks like some kind of super sci-fi metal or ammunition detector of the future FBI or police”

“Love it, I fooled a friend into believing that it was scanning classified documents and barcodes of a secret service. ha ha ha”

“Really awesome, just that it asks for wifi permissions, shouldn’t be so”

“Everytime I am in bad mood, I use it to fool somebody and laugh a lot”

“Extremely Cool graphics, like some x-ray scanning machine gone wrong and emitting all kinds of radio frequency waves and scanning things. really funny”

“The best lockscreen replacement widget on the entire android market. Super cool”

Download via Google Play:
download button Finger Print Security Scanner 1.7 on Google Play
Download :
download button Download Finger Print Security Scanner 1.7

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