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March 17th, 2012

Fruit Sorter 1.1.1

1 year, 225 days ago, Android Games, by apkfan.

Current Version: 1.1.1
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Arcade & Action
V1.1.1 update:
better and more colorful graphics
multitouch support (smash bugs or hide boxes)
boxes are added at start in random positions and are sometimes rotated
bugfixes (1.1.1)

Play in Fruit Sorter to have endless fun!

Become a worker of a sorting plant and sort fresh fruit in this addictive Fruit Sorter game!

In Fruit Sorter your task is to sort different types of fruit moving on a belt and put them into boxes. Your task will be made easier by the so-called helpers who will be receiving boxes full of fruit. However, your task will not be so easy, because you will need to fast sort all the fruit like a Ninja before they reach the end of the belt and fall into the mill. You need to put into the boxes only the same fruit. You will get extra bonus points for putting one or more fruit at the same time!

The game offers three modes:

NORMAL – a basic mode in which you have to sort a fixed quantity of fruit.

MORE FRUITS – in this mode, from time to time, new boxes will be added and you will see new fruit on the belt.

TIME ATTACK – you task will be made more difficult by the passage of time. You have 30 seconds of basic time and additional 3 seconds for each filled box!
Game features:

- original idea and execution
- three game modes
- addictive endless gameplay
- combo score system
- additional unlockable fruits
- cool gfx, music and sound effects
Some Fruit Sorter game reviews:
Simplicity and high-playability: what a great timewaster must have. A new great title of Netox. High recommendable

Interesting Action Game – Easy to Learn & Hard to Master

- This game is one of those that once you start playing, you cannot stop. Highly addictive and most of all fun. 5/5

- I really like the ability to do combos in this game. That definitely sets is apart from the majority of sorting games out there. The graphics are crisp and the animation is smooth and the game play is fun. What more could I ask for?! :) 5/5

- This game hits that perfect equilibrium point where you are constantly pushing your luck to maximize combo points while risk losing fruit over the edge. Simple, fun arcade action. 5/5
Play in Fruit Sorter to have endless fun!

Fruit Sorter 3Fruit Sorter 2Fruit Sorter 1

Download via Google Play:
download button Fruit Sorter 1.1.1 on Google Play
Download :
download button Download Fruit Sorter 1.1.1

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