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April 12th, 2011

Futuristic racing game:Extreme Formula 1.1.1

2 years, 201 days ago, Android Games, by admin.

@@Free launching of Android Market by Apple AppStore’s outstanding racing game.@@
Are you ready to challenge for the Extreme Formula?
The Futuristic racing game called “Extreme Formula” has been evaluated with four stars of a good reputation at Apple AppStore.
Now You can enjoy it by Android Market. It is free during this time of the event.
We promise to keep our game updating for our user’s satisfaction.
*Customize your futuristic ride and race your way to the checkered flag in Extreme Formula (At GameTralers.com)
*Challenging on the fastest racing and wonderfully visual game, Extreme Formula is a mobile adaptation of an online game which is about the futuristic race competition.
It’s the futuristic racing game y’all been waiting for on Android!
**Game Feature**
-Various game modes: Pro-Race, Career, Quick Race
-18 Achievements, 15 career stage
-65 tuning items, 10 tracks, and 5 vehicles.
-Tech Tree system to make a better vehicle with updating many skills
We really appreciate with your attention about Extreme Formula. We will respond to your supports and options to meet your expectation.

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Download Extreme Formula 1.1.1
Download Extreme Formula 1.1.1 html

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