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April 25th, 2012

Iron Jack HD 2884HD

1 year, 186 days ago, Android Games, by apkfan.

Current Version: 2884HD
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
V2884HD update:

His ship, which transports the demanded fuel for our World, has fallen into a strange place in the outer space and has lost its cargo. Now, the valuables are in the hands of the machines which live in this new World. Become a space pilot and help Jack to recover his goods and to accomplish his mission.

In a time when our planets natural resources are scarce, Jack is a space pilot in charge of harvesting and delivering valuable fuel from outer space to our world, in order to supply the languishing Earth.

In the course of his important mission, Jack’s fully-loaded ship suffers strange and sudden vibrations which forced to make an emergency landing in a unknown planet for human race. The sudden landing take its tool over the space ship, breaking the outer hull and spreading the valuable cargo.

Jacks mission is to recover the dispersed valuables over unfriendly territory fitted only with a space suit and his emergency jetpack.

This at first easy task is made difficult instantly when a strange robotic race appears on this recondite planet, whom find the lost fuel as a new valuable energy source for them.

Game Objectives

  • Jack objective is to find the lost fuel in the fastest possible time. He must pay attention to his opponents (the strange robots) because they will try to prevent Jack to accomplish his mission.


  • Jack must find and recover all the fuel balls floating in the strange atmosphere.
  • While avoiding contact with the enemy, our hero must acquire and enhance his skills in order to carry out his honorable purpose.
  • Activating, relocating or using correctly the different elements of the labyrinthine spaces to open new places where the fuel balls could be.
  • At the same time discovering new rules in order to increase his survival chances, like collecting the energy balls in a orderly fashion will boost his rewards and powerups.


  • Easy and intuitive gameplay
  • Fantastic 3D graphics and special effects
  • 132 levels divided in 4 sectors
  • 10 different kinds of weapons
  • 8 powerups
  • Achievements
  • Cross platform world ranking
  • Impressive sound effects and soundtrack
  • GameCenter leaderboards integration (IOS)
  • Facebook and Twitter integration

How to play

  • Press and hold anywhere on the screen to control Jack movements
  • Release your finger from the screen to make Jack fall
  • Press the handlers on both sides of the screen in order to swap weapons or activate them
  • Use gestures for zooming in and out
  • Use the shop to make us rich

Iron Jack HD 3Iron Jack HD 2Iron Jack HD 1

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