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September 25th, 2011

Jumpgate Live Wallpaper 1.2

2 years, 34 days ago, Android Apps, by admin.
Jumpgate Live Wallpaper

Current version:1.2

requires Android:2.1 and up


V1.2 update:

Bug Fix: Error when switching characters
Update: Misc performance tweaks

Jumpgate Live Wallpaper: Soar through space with your Android friend!

Soar through space with your Android friend! Stars and asteroids whip by as fast as his jetpack can carry him! Double tap to say hello, do a barrel roll, or enable turbo boost for a burst of serious speed!

This full version contains lots of settings for flight speed, asteroid density, background color, camera speed, animation smoothing, and more!

Jumpgate Live Wallpaper 1Jumpgate Live Wallpaper 2Jumpgate Live Wallpaper 3

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Download Jumpgate Live Wallpaper 1.2
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