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September 21st, 2011

Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper 4.0

2 years, 39 days ago, Android Apps, by admin.
Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper

Current Version:4.0

Requires Android:2.1 and up


V4.0 update:

Added new colors! Note: Color Slider not possible due to complex transform, but I will take requests (burnt orange 1 and 2 are requests)
offset hopefully fixed for Evo3D. Hard for me to test. Beta tester volunteer? On some phones need to rotate (change to/from landscape) to apply offset changes
added ability to zoom circles
added speed control & animation control
@Jason: Try use Center offset controls, then switch screen orientation dc@zantetsuken.co.za

An abstract, honeycomb-inspired, OpenGL live wallpaper.

A cool, honeycomb-inspired abstract live wallpaper. Blue, patterned rings slowly rotate independently and fade in and out. Touch Enabled, OpengGL. Works on Honeycomb! Watch the video for a demo!

I created this wallpaper because I loved the basic art used and wished it would move. I’m also a bit tired of so many live wallpapers that look very cool, but are too “busy” or colorful to make good long-term useable wallpapers.

Features (enabled in “Configure” or “Settings”):
* touch-enabled! Swipe up or down to spin the rings faster. Tap quickly to slow down again
* Lots of colours: blue, magenta, pink, red, green, “Tron”, golden, ice, fire, “magblue”, green and more! More will be added. Note that loading of new textures can take a few seconds. This is not a bug and will only happen once.
* multiple fade schemes: linear, heartbeat, pulse and none. Timings and brightness are settable
* sync schemes: make the rings spin in sync, alternating pattern, or random pattern. Control speed in sync and alt modes.
* special effects: “centre glows” or does not fade out
* change minimum fade value for linear fade style
* move the centre of the circles left/right or up and down
* shrink or grow rings
* change brightness
* more features and colors added weekly!

Has been tested on a variety of platforms. Works very well on WVGA phones (especially Galaxy S and Galaxy S 2). Scales correctly for Honeycomb (tested on Galaxy Tab 10.1).

Performance heavily optimised using OpenGL and good memory handling. Won’t slow your phone down at all. Uses almost no battery life (check battery usage stats… less than your SMS app if registering at all)

Special thanks to “Deep” Live wallpaper dev and Robert Green for excellent OpenGL framework. I will open source this in time to contribute back. Special thanks also to Roland Harrison, Tim Chen and my other “beta testers” for letting me annoy them so much with testing. So many bugs caught!

Please support me with a good rating! I will respond to all direct emails. If you have a problem, ranting in comments is not a helpful way to sort it out!


Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper 1Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper 2

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