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October 12th, 2011

Ninesky Browser 1.7.0

2 years, 18 days ago, Android Apps, by apkfan.
Ninesky Browser

Current version:1.7.0

Requries Android:2.1 and up


V1.7.0 update:

More powerful site navigation;
More stable, faster.

Ninesky browser is a web browser for mobile. Small, fast and safe. Supports HTML5 and Flash, can play movie online.

- Supports Web and Wap; Supports HTML5 and Flash, can play movie online; supports Google maps and Baidu maps
- Powserful security feature, detect harmful site and file; rich security and privacy settings, allowing you to customize the browser’s security feature
- Supports tab management and window management; support full screen mode
- Embedded Google search engine
- Bookmarks, visit history and most visited; reading list (like iOS safari)
- Powerful web navigation
- Downloader manager
- Low-carbon mode can save more power
- Web page optimization, more quickly, pages fit for mobile
- Can share web page, text, picture and URL through email, SMS and other methods
- Supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Indonesia, India, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Holland, Poland, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish

Ninesky browser is based on Webkit, therefore it has similar speed with Apple Safari and Google Chrome. It is very simple like Opera mini. It Supports HTML5 and Flash, can play the videos on Youtube, Youku and other websites. Support powerful security feature like UC Web and 360 safe browser. Does not support gesture(like Dolphin) now.

Ninesky browser has website navigation including hot sits for mobile. There are Google Facebook Yahoo YouTube Amazon Wikipedia Blogger Twitter eBay Windows Live MSN CNN AOL PayPal WordPress Huffington Flickr Tumblr Apple The Weather Channel, and so on.

If you have any comments, please send email to us (support@ninesky.com). We are pleased to hear from you. Ninesky browser will change because of you.

Ninesky Browser 1Ninesky Browser 2Ninesky Browser 3

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Download Ninesky Browser v1.7.0
Download Ninesky Browser v1.7.0 apk

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