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September 14th, 2011

Ocean Bubbles HD 1.1.3

2 years, 45 days ago, Android Games, by admin.
Ocean Bubble (HD)

Current Version:1.1.3

Requires Android:2.1 and up


V1.1.3 update:

# New 100 rounds for arcade mode, now 600+ rounds!
# A lot of tiny fix.

The coolest ever bubble shooter game is launched on Android! Support battle over WiFi or Bluetooth, two players game on one device, VS against AIs of various levels, Solo Arcade (600+ rounds!) and Solo survival mode. Embed Heyzap Check in!
Follow us by http://twitter.com/#!/peach_studio

No matter which game of same kind you have ever played (like Frozen Bubble, Shoot Bubble, Bubble Burst, Bubble Blast, Bubble Bust, Puzzle Bobble, Bubble Bash, etc…), Ocean Bubble will be your final choice.
Pad User should not miss it!

What makes it different from the others?
1. Battle feature, it is more exciting, you can play with your family and friends, on one device(Pad is better), or with two devices connected with each other by WiFi or Bluetooth.

2. HD. Using vectors to render game UI, so no matter how larger your device screen is, the game picture is very clear and delicate. The bigger, the better experience.

3. Comfortable Operation, just touch down the screen directly to determine target shoot direction, up means shoot after target direction arrived.

4. Powerful Robots (AI), when there is no other players available, you can play against system robots, some of them are very tough, do you think you are good enough?

5. Pet Robots, train your own pet robot, one day, it can represent you to beat opponents.

6. Enhanced Solo Game, two modes: arcade and survival, with round previews, you can choose round easily, of course, you need to unlock the round firstly.

7. Combo counter. When you combo eliminate bubbles, you will get extra score (solo mode) or drop down bubbles (battle mode). Don’t underestimate it!

So what are you waiting for? Download and start the game!

There is a pro version for players, please go to market://search?q=com.peachstudio.bubble.ocean.paid.key or https://market.android.com/details?id=com.peachstudio.bubble.ocean.paid.key , main features include:
No Ad, More system robots, No level limitation for pet robot, Continuous cumulative score, etc..

In the free version, don’t worry about the Ads, they will be disappear when you are playing.

Glad to hear feedback of players around the world, let us improve it if you think there are some gaps to what your like. Very appreciate you can tell us your ideas when you judge it one star.

Battle Mode introduction:
All bubbles drop out from one side will be received in the other side.
When one side burst more than 3 bubbles (N), the other side will receive additional bubbles (N-3)
When one side burst combo count (N) >= 3, the other side will receive additional bubbles (N-2)

Note: when first launch game activities(like entry, solo, two, battle), it takes longer than usual, because application using vectors to render real images according to your device screen, the rendering only happened once, as long as cache files exist, rendering is not necessary. So, don’t clean the cache if you know what it means, and the cache files are very small, only about 50K totally.

Ocean Bubble (HD) 1Ocean Bubble (HD) 2Ocean Bubble (HD) 3

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