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September 14th, 2011

PhoneWeaver 2.0.5

2 years, 46 days ago, Android Apps, by admin.

Current Version:2.0.5

Requires Android:2.0 and up


V2.0.5 update:

1. Added Hungarian Language
2. Much more stable connection profiles filtered by power, battery or cabled headset filters.
3. No need to do a PhW auto-profile after an upgrade.
4. in-app buy of the registration code.
5. Modified default Day profile to return to tonetype Normal because Mute set it as Silent.
6. BT didn’t activate or remain active if in the same profile phone was turned off (Only Gingerbread)

Define smart profiles activated based on time, agenda, power state and location!

The ultimate profile manager! Define smart profiles that are activated manually or automatically based on time, schedule and meetings, power connection and even location!

Each profile can completely control your phone’s volume/vibrate, ringtones, notifications, WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G data, GPS, Wallpaper and more. You can even launch applications when a profile is activated!

With PhoneWeaver, your phone adopts to your lifestyle the way a smart phone should!

The new home screen widget offers instant control of PhoneWeaver and your phone profiles. Switch profiles with a single tap, setup event triggers and make your phone adapt to your needs, quickly.

PhoneWeaver 1PhoneWeaver 2PhoneWeaver 3

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