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April 27th, 2011

Space Bunnies 1.0

2 years, 186 days ago, Android Games, by admin.
Space Bunnies

Current Version:1.0

Requires Android:2.2 and up


Explore the universe like never before in this spacey, tilty adventure!
Their worlds are deteriorating and there’s only one place left to go… the Homeworld. Take off on an exciting adventure to help the Space Bunnies find home – but don’t forget to pick up their friends along the way!

Bounce your way through unique obstacles like asteroid belts, wormholes, galaxies and black holes. Avoid the space stickies who want nothing more than to feed on your fuel. And watch out for your natural enemy, the SPACE FOX!

- Casual and fun gameplay like no other
- HD graphics for phones and tablets
- Innovative yet simple tilt controls let you zoom through space like never before
- Massive levels to explore with tons of unique obstacles and puzzles
- Special powers and pickups to help clear your way home
- Calibrate to play in any orientation, landscape or portrait
- Pinch to zoom, gestures, and tap controls make it easy to navigate space and blow things up
- Addictive replayability – explore the corners of space you missed before to find all your long-eared friends

** It’s the YEAR OF THE BUNNY, and the Space Bunnies need your help! Get them home! **

Space Bunnies 4Space Bunnies 2

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